Sunday, April 10, 2011

Texas Blue Bonnets

My wife misses Texas a lot, especially this time of year when all the flowers are in bloom. I was out in South Texas recently for work and she asked me to take some pictures of the blue bonnets which are one of her favorite flowers. After exploring the country roads and seeing them everywhere I can see why she misses it so much.



Sue said...

those are great pictures, why would anyone not want to live in texas, can you contact some magazines and see if you could sell a pic. My brother contacted National Geographic on time many years ago and they used one of his pictures, can hurt to try. Again, those are beautiful, how is your Texas wife handling seeing her pretty state. :-)

marissa said...

i love how sue/susu/mother-in-law said "how could anyone not want to live in texas" but if she had the opportunity, she would leave tomorrow!! lol!!! but..... those are beautiful pictures!! i'm disappointed we didn't have more around us like we usually we do but this weather and lack of rain has completely changed things this year! ugh!
OK... now bring Jodi back to Texas... San Antonio preferably! =)