Wednesday, July 8, 2009

AIA Training Camp 2009

My summer adventures began last month in Xenia Ohio. Before the international and local projects, many Athletes in Action teams meet up at the AIA headquarters for a week of physical/spiritual training and team bonding.

My track and field team (headed to Honduras/Guatemala) was there with two other track teams, one headed to Kenya, and one set to travel around the US. There were also a few volleyball teams and a tennis team with us.

The week was a great success and set us up well for an awesome project. Here are a few pictures from training camp:

We had time set aside for teaching, worship, reflection, and the "Labs" where we could put the spiritual principles we were learning and practice by apllying them to competition. In the labs we played Ultimate Frisbee and this sweet game called Angle Ball:

We had many gifts to bring abroad including tons of running shoes and track equiptment:

One of my favorite parts of training camp is the day we put on a meet for a few local track clubs. It is a blast working with the kids and a great reminder of what sport is truly about. Watching them compete with joy as hard as they can free from any concerns about meeting standards, or performing for others is a humbling experience:

And of course, the token group photo:

More to come soon!

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