Saturday, June 2, 2012


Here are a few pictures I have taken on recent hikes with my family. I have always loved being outdoors and enjoy the opportunity to explore beautiful places. This first set is from a walk in the woods near my Dad's house in Virginia last winter.

These are from a hike with my Wife and my Mom at Fremont Older in the foothills in San Jose. I used to run here a lot growing up.
 Can't beat California oak trees!

This spring my Dad came to visit us here in Irvine and we went for a hike in the Santa Ana mountains. We caught a snake and lot's of small frogs.

The picture on the right and the ones following are from another hike this spring in San Jose with my Wife, Mom, and Brother. I used to go here all the time growing up and it was my favorite place to run during high school and when I was home from college.

This spring, my Wife and I went on a couple hikes in Bommer Canyon here in Irvine. Spring is my favorite time in Southern California because everything is green and there are flowers everywhere. As you can see, it is so beautiful!

Here's one of my lovely wife and I :)

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