Monday, February 2, 2009

Celestine Ezinkwo

This past weekend I had the privilege of doing a photo shoot with my friend Celestine Ezinkwo. You may remember seeing pictures of him from his performance at the AIA winter retreat a few weekends ago.

Celestine is an up and coming Christian Hip-Hop artist with his debut album coming out soon. He is still working on his website, but I will let you know when he gets it running.

We spent the afternoon up in LA where he lives. It was my first musician photo shoot as well as my first time shooting in an urban setting. Considering that, I am really excited with how the pictures came out! I had a blast taking pictures out there and it was a good learning experience.

On a side note, today is Celestine's can count this post as my present :)

Here are some of my favorites...Enjoy!

This is Tara, Celestine's wife. They got married last year and are a great couple! She is on the album so I got some shots of her as well and since we were out there took some fun couple shots of them.


SH said...

greg! these photos are awesome! how come i can become a "follower" of your blog?
xoxo, Sylvia

Greg Thompson said...

Thanks Sylvia, I appreciate the support! I added a "followers" widget to the page so I think that will make it easy to follow.

Hope that helps.