Monday, August 3, 2009

Thad + Laura Wedding Part I: The First Look

My friends Thad and Laura got married a few weeks ago. It was a perfect day and an absolute dream to shoot. The wedding and reception were both in the L.A. Arboretum. It was a beautiful afternoon, we were in a beautiful place, and I had a beautiful group of people to shoot...pretty much all I could ask for.

Thad and Laura are amazing people and a true example of what it means to have a God centered relationship. They definitely set a standard for me of what I want my wedding to be like in the way everything they did that day was focused on God.

It was a full day of shooting and I have so many pictures to choose from so I decided to break up the day in a few posts. Here is the first!

We start the day with some details of Laura getting ready in the morning, and of course her orange shoes!

This was one of my favorite moments from the morning: A few of the bridesmaids were ready and waiting for Laura's finishing touches before she got the dress on. As soon as they realized they had some time they sat down together to spend that time in prayer for Thad, Laura, the day, and their future together. Talk about some good friends!

Meanwhile, Thad was patiently waiting at the Arboretum for his bride to arrive.

And finally their "first look". It was a very special moment and I loved how excited they were to see each other.

Off we went for a few hours of portraits around the Arboretum (does my job get any better?). More to come soon!

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