Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thad + Laura Wedding Part II: Portrait Session

Here is the next set of my favorites from Laura and Thad's wedding last month. After the "first look" we spent over 2 hours walking around the arboretum to take portraits, couple shots, and bridal party shots. It was such a great group to work with. It was a ridiculously hot afternoon and nobody complained at all despite the heavy clothes, heat, and amount of walking we did. They were troopers! Even though it was the middle of the day and lighting wasn't ideal, the arboretum is such a beautiful place and I loved the variety of terrain we got to shoot in. Everything from prehistoric forests to rose gardens to bamboo forests.

Here are some shots of the bridesmaids and groomsmen:

A few portraits of The Bride and Groom:

The wedding party!

A few more couple shots:

How many brides get to walk through a prehistoric forest in their wedding dress?

I love this shot of Laura and her Mom...

A few detail shots of the bouquets.

The happy couple...

Off to the ceremony! This was one of my favorites of the day. I owe a big thanks to the wedding party for making it an awesome session.


Megan B. said...

I can honestly say these are the most amazing wedding photographs I have ever seen. Wow.

Brescia said...

Amazing pics GPT. Living the dream man,living the dream.