Friday, May 15, 2009

Madera and Box Canyons, AZ

A few weeks back I took a short trip to Arizona to hang out with my Dad who was out on business. We went exploring in the mountains south of Tucson and found some really sweet spots in Madera and Box Canyons. I had never seen terrain like this before and it was definitely a memorable trip.

Here are a few pictures from our adventures. I have been playing around a lot with the post processing recently in the last few weeks so you may notice a new feel to some of the pictures. It is definitely something I am developing and getting better at over time.


My dad was catching and recording butterflies. We both have our hobbies that give us a good excuse to be enjoying the outdoors.
We found a cool little frog which I kept on having to chase, and some cattle roaming around.
On our way back to Phoenix we drove through Saguaro National Forest. It was beautiful different from California!
These last two were inspired by Trever Hoehne. He is an incredible photographer who I look up to very much. I love his "blurry things" work which inspired these last shots.

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